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Hi, I am Stacey.
Life coaching is a flexible and dynamic process, and as your coach, I am dedicated to working with you to achieve what your heart truly desires. Through my one-on-one consultations, we can develop a personalized strategy to help you overcome challenges and help create a fulfilling life.
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Unleash Your Potential, Amplify Your Life

Ever felt like your life was a bit too quiet, the dreams a bit too muffled?


I specialize in un-crossing wires, reducing mental static, and fine-tuning dreams so you can crank the volume of your life ALL THE WAY UP! Crafting personal transformations is my expertise, and I'm here to be your dedicated coach on this exciting journey.

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The catalyst: A decade of transformation
My journey as a coach began a decade ago when I became a certified health coach. With two young boys at home, I sought to make a profound impact on my health and the lives of others. It soon became evident that the challenges my clients faced ran deeper than dietary concerns or workout plans. That realization led me to expand my toolkit, becoming a certified life coach. 
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We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

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A glimpse into my backstory

Born and raised a Missouri girl with an innate love for nature and adventure, my heart always longed for the ocean. After raising my boys and with the nest emptied, I stood at a crossroads. The question echoed: “If not now, when?” With unwavering determination, I sold my house and most of my furniture, embarking on a new chapter on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Zero regrets – no need to ask me twice! I leveraged the lessons from my coaching to make this bold move, and now I'm eager to share that wisdom to help others embark on their own transformative journeys.

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Let's Get Amped!

If you're committed to turning the volume of your life all the way up, I'm here to guide you. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, break through barriers, and unleash the extraordinary life you deserve. We'll dance it out all the way home. 


Are you ready to amplify your journey?

Let's get started!

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Are you ready? Talk to me, Goose!
What people say

When I turned 50 last year I wanted a change. I wanted to learn to love myself regardless of my weight, what I saw in the mirror, or what the little voice in my head said. I was tired of trying to slowly destroy my body because I hated myself. The first thing Stacey told me was to let myself off the hook, because I am a 'work in progress'. Prior to Stacey I was addicted to McDonald’s Diet Coke and cheeseburgers, and I haven’t had either one for over 8 months. I don’t drink soda anymore and I cook for myself more – I drive by, not drive through fast food. I do this because Stacey has taught me to love and honor myself. My body deserves to be treated like a queen, I know that now because of Stacey, I am forever indebted to you


Stacey, your work is amazing. I hope you know that! You are helping so many women in the world see the light. That is so POWERFULL!


My coaching time with Stacey was an absolutely uplifting experience. Stacey truly had my back and provided tremendous love and support.  She seemed to understand my thoughts and words at times, before I was even stating them. She helped with me going in deeper to my core and connecting with my inner power, confidence, beauty and truth. I am genuinely grateful and blessed to have spent time coaching with Stacey Bruce!


Since the beginning of 2023, my mind has been going down a very negative path. After speaking Stacey, I was excited to work on more positive thoughts. She made me feel like I am awesome and I have the answers. It's going to take some work on my part, but I now feel ready to start! I am flushing out the negative and replacing it with better and better thoughts. I don't know why I waited to speak to Stacey. Should have called her months ago! I feel refreshed. 

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