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Welcome to the first post on my new blog! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve been excited about writing for a long time, but I never let it take priority.

It started like this:

·       I'm so excited about writing!

·       Will anyone like what I have to share?

·       I'm not sure the image header looks right...

·       Am I a life coach or a real estate professional?

·       I should wait until I have more specific topics!

·       I should take that writing class first, then send emails - GOOD emails.

·       I'll have more clarity about all this after the laundry is done, dog is fed, plants are watered, landscaping is pimped and I'm ten pounds lighter. GEEZ!

Somehow, whatever we want to be, do or have can mysteriously take a back seat to alphabetizing the spice rack.

Yet, nearly two years ago I managed to pick up my life in Missouri and move it to the gulf coast of Florida.

Taking this leap came with its own distractions. At times the discomfort of change felt like a sign to "not move" - both in the moment and beyond. Paralysis in action - what an oxymoron! Cleaning the junk drawer suddenly seemed more appealing than running toward my dream. WTH?

Taking on any new adventure will most always come with similar, self-preserving behavior – even a first blog post!

"A beautiful life is not one that is immediately comfortable, but one grown through the acknowledgement of what is worth being uncomfortable for. It is not one that is easy, it is one that is worth it.

Go where your heart already calls you, move toward the truth you already know. " ~Brianna Wiest

What I know for sure is my desire to inspire and support women who also want a Coastal Reinvention is on fire!

My promise is to take you along this journey that ebbs and flows and continues to surprise and challenge me in new ways.

My hope is that sharing here will inspire you to travel your own beautiful path that continues to whisper in your ear.

Let’s do this!

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