Work with Me

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What happens when we work together:

  • A detailed and comprehensive consultation diving deep into your goals, desires and current health issues
  • 2- 50 minutes consultations every two weeks in person or via telephone or Skype
  • Handouts galore to make your busy life feel less stressed
  • Unlimited email access to me because you need a Cheerleader ( I am that girl!) 
  • Recipes so you never feel deprived - cause' diets stink!




We begin with a call between you + me. This is where we deep dive into your current lifestyle, your eating habits and what you desire. We create a plan together. I create a personalized plan based on our talks and I tweak them every session to fit your changing needs. 

This is why long term coaching is awesome. You will transform. You will change and the beauty of coaching together over 3 or 6 months is we have the chance to deep dive multiple times. If you want to do the 1 month Accelerate Program, we will launch into one of my Signature Programs to jump start your Weight Loss, Sugar Busting or More Energy Goals (as I don't know what woman does not want this in her life). 

If you choose to work with me over 3 o 6 months, we have a lot of time to tweak your signature blueprint and the good news is this: We will create it and once you have nailed it.... Please fire me.

Yep, your heard me. Fire me because then I know my job is done.

What else do you get?

  • Access to me via email in between sessions
  • Access to me via text when you feel like you are gonna eat that fricken doughnut calling your name
  • My Signature Program, helping you to bust our of the Sugar Roller Coaster, lose weight without dieting and have more energy (hello my friend).
  • Plus, handouts and my support on how to eat on the go and snack without feeling like you need to just eat kale.

Ready? Click here to schedule a discovery session and see if we are the right fit.